Monday, May 7, 2012

To Quote Matt Chandler...

Matt Chandler, on the focus of our affections:

"Every bit of those affections, every bit of that emotion, and every bit of that passion was given to us by God for God.  It was not given for basketball.

"Where is the nervousness in our guts when we're coming into an assembly of those pursuing God?  Where is it?  Well, it's on basketball. It's on football. It's on romance.  It's on tweeting and blogging.

Are you really going to believe we're not worthy of hell?

Thank God for his response to all this blasphemous nonsense:  the wrath-absorbing cross of Christ."   (excerpted from The Explicit Gospel)

Indeed.  Any further comments from me would be gilding the lily.  Well said, Matt.


timwitten said...

I saw MC in NYC; how stupidly quickly we forget the event along with the message. Thanks for bring it back to my attention.

The Blainemonster said...

Cool! I had to bug out of T4G early and missed his message, but at least I got the book :)